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Locally sourced vegetables and fruits, the freshest fish, the finest cuts, original Italian raw materials: Our dishes are invariably prepared with handpicked, premium quality ingredients for maximum authenticity and taste.


Experience real seafood

Fresh tuna or salmon? Maybe octopus, mussels or calamari? Perhaps even what’s the catch of the day? At the Valentino Pasta & Grill restaurant in Agia Marina-Platanias, Chania, we shall be inviting Poseidon on your table for every meal, every day.

Whether you like your fish roasted, steamed, topped, gratinated, grilled or stuffed, our seafood menu is the ultimate celebration of everything aquatic. It is only understandable: We are lucky to have the ocean right in our backyard, but also an emblematic seafood culinary heritage to draw upon.

Join us at the Valentino Pasta & Grill, Oscar Suites & Village famed restaurant to explore the select marine style dishes we offer, including new entries, fan favourites and all-time classics.


A tribute to the gods of the stomach

We believe that happiness looks a lot like the first bite of a perfectly -cooked steak. With this in mind, we have crafted our hearty and hefty Valentino Pasta & Grill signature grilled meat menu, sporting a wide choice for all. Chicken and pork fillets and beef steaks, premium cuts like fillet mignon and T-bone steak, and some of the best classic burgers on the island. For the gourmands in your company, we also feature a selection of meat-based recipes with a local twist. Whenever possible, everything is responsibly sourced from select local producers and cooked according to your exact specifications. After all, there is only one right way to eat a steak: With greed in your heart and a smile on your face.

There is also an array of delectable accompaniments, condiments and handcrafted sauces to wolf down your meat dish with.  And should you feel guilty about the calories, just remember what the great Julia Child said:  “The only time to eat diet food is when you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”


Stressed is desserts spelt backwards

We’ve never met a problem a proper cupcake -or candy- couldn’t fix. Here at the Valentino Pasta & Grill restaurant in Agia Marina-Platanias, we’re of the mindset that life’s not worth living without sweets. It’s why every day we bake, whisk up, whip up, frost and top a mouthwatering array of life-changing desserts to perfectly round off your meal. Or why not even start it, if that’s what you want to do the most!

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Choose between our signature chocolate souffle, handcrafted ice cream, homemade pies and tarts and other decadent treats, that will leave you wanting for more. After all remember that when eating chocolate you feel godlike: As though you can conquer enemies, lead armies, entice lovers. So don’t wreck a sublime experience by feeling guilty!


A slice a day keeps the sad away

Some of the most unforgettable, luxuriously laid back moments of our lives can be traced back to a slice of pizza. Nestled under a blanket of real mozzarella, topped with choice titbits and sprinkled with veggies, this triangle-shaped delicacy of Italian descent is just what the doctor ordered: On a number of occasions, for a host of different ailments and for a multiplicity of diverse complaints.

At the Valentino Pasta & Grill restaurant in Agia Marina-Platanias, Chania, we do trust in the crust. We therefore proudly present our version of everyone’s favourite dish: Made with the freshest, most authentic ingredients, crafted with care, baked to perfection. In all-time classic combinations for timeless tastes, or with unexpected twists for the aspiring foodie artists. We even cater to the “pineapples without pizza is a sin” types, because you can’t really go wrong with pizza!

Pasta & Risotto

Life is a combination of magic and pasta

Sure, a kale salad or green juice does a body good, but sometimes you just need to stick your fork in a bowl of pasta and call it a day. At the Valentino Pasta & Grill restaurant in Agia Marina-Platanias, Chania, we do love a spot of pampering, especially when it comes to matters of the palate. Therefore, drawing on the great Italian tradition, we present an eclectic menu of pasta dishes designed to satisfy all: From all-time classics like bolognese or carbonara, ocean treats, risotti and vegetarian options to our chef’s trademark creations, the choice is vast and varied and maybe even tailored to your personalised demands. Everything is prepared with the freshest, most authentic ingredients and served in hearty portions. Feel free to tuck in. And If you slurp them, so be it. Because the truly best way, the only classical and true way to eat pasta, is with gusto!

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