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With more than 300 days of sunshine in a year, Crete produces an array of edible goods that stand out for their health benefits, aromas and flavours. These are the basis of the world-famous Cretan diet.

In the hands of our acclaimed chef at the Restaurant in Chania, they are also transformed into delectable taste bombs to tempt all.

At Valentino Pasta & Grill, foodies’ hands-down favorite restaurant in Agia Marina Platanias, Chania, the recipe is simple really: Seasonal, handpicked, locally sourced ingredients. A passion for great food, best enjoyed when shared with friends and family. A dollop of experimentation, a dose of ingenuity, and a pinch of creativity.

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Taking into account modern dietary trends and requirements, yet without forgetting Crete’s emblematic culinary heritage, the Valentino Pasta & Grill restaurant ιν Chania presents some of our island’s heartiest, most palatable food: A straightforward, unpretentious yet surprising cuisine, capable of bringing out the flavours of every single ingredient. Packed with goodness and taste, and served amidst cooly casual settings.

Featuring a selection of Greek classics, Cretan staples and international favourites, including real burgers and authentic Italian pizza, the menu has something for all.

Valentino Pasta & Grill

Pamper your taste buds

Nestled within the heart of Oscar Suites & Village, the Valentino Pasta & Grill, our renowned Restaurant in Chania, extends its warm embrace from the first rays of morning till the moon graces the evening sky. It’s a sanctuary for all cravings: the promise of a magnificent day’s inception, a lavish brunch that unfolds like a culinary masterpiece, a choice between swift, invigorating lunches or leisurely, indulgent affairs. Here, moments of mirth and liveliness seamlessly blend with the tender, romantic ambiance perfect for cherished occasions.

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at Agia Marina beach

No clock dictates your visit; time surrenders to your desires. And as you indulge in the symphony of flavors, remember to preserve a little corner for the sweet finale – dessert, an exquisite punctuation to an extraordinary culinary journey. So, whether dawn illuminates the horizon or stars adorn the night, the Valentino Pasta & Grill stands as an invitation to relish life’s moments in all their delectable splendor.

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